Though personal appearance is more important to some people than it is to others, taking the time to look our best has been proven to affect our lives in many ways. Having a healthy white smile is only one of the ways we can “put our best face forward”, but it’s one that gets noticed. Believe it or not, those straight, dazzling pearly whites can have a big impact on the way that you feel about yourself.

People put a lot of stock into the state of their smile. When surveyed, 63% of people said that they consider themselves more attractive in photos when they smile with their teeth showing. On the flip side, 45% of adults said that they are currently unhappy with the state of their teeth, and 23% said that they believe they look their best with their mouths closed. Having to avoid showing your teeth can be damaging to your overall self-esteem.

Looking good gives us confidence. If you’re self-conscious about your smile, it can have a profound effect on the way that you interact with others. In a way, it makes perfect sense; your face is your calling card, and it’s always on display. But hesitating to show off your smile means that you could be missing out on the health benefits of smiling.

Research has shown that just the simple act of smiling changes blood flow to the brain and actually makes you happier. And this effect is contagious; when you smile at someone, chances are good that they will smile back, becoming more open and drawn to you.

Thinking about the perks you are missing out on by hiding your smile puts things into perspective. The good news is that most dental problems can be fixed with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Visit your local dental clinic to find out about their cosmetic dentistry options, and how they can help!

The benefits that confidence can bring are also worth considering. In fact, 97% of adults surveyed said that having an attractive smile is an important personal asset. Not only can some help from your local dental clinic help you socially, 74% percent of people say that having unattractive teeth can actually hurt your chances for business and career success. Studies showed that men with “bad teeth” earn an average of 18% less than those with “good teeth”. The same studies showed women with “bad teeth” earned an average of 11% less than those with “good teeth”.

These facts may be startling to hear, but will definitely have you looking into your cosmetic dentistry options.

In the grand scheme of things, showing off your smile is part of experiencing joy. Having to hide it is just not worth it – emotionally, socially or economically. So, if you feel self-conscious about your teeth, head to your local dental clinic and look into your cosmetic dentistry options. It’s never too late to have a smile you can be proud of.