We understand that certain treatments can cause anxiety and worry. In place of general anesthesia, conscious sedation administers a sedative to anxious, fearful, or agitated patients. Although the patient is conscious throughout the procedure, they will feel a sense of peace and calm.

Conscious sedation eliminates the threshold of pain and anxiety for future dental visits and dental procedures.

Will Conscious Sedation Work for Me?

Conscious sedation is an ideal solution for any healthy patient. Our dental professionals will refer to your medical history before starting to ensure there are no contraindications. For the most part, it is a totally safe procedure suitable for patients 5 years of age or older to eliminate the anxiety and pain of dental procedures.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The wisdom teeth are the 3rd molars located at the back of the dental arch. Generally, there are four, but it is possible to have more or less.

In some cases, the wisdom teeth do not emerge completely due to lack of space or because of a misaligned axis of eruption. A wisdom tooth is impacted when fully covered by the gum.

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause:

  • Inflammation of adjacent tissues
  • Abscess’, cysts, and cavities
  • Displacement and infection in neighboring teeth

This can lead to pain and difficulty in opening the mouth or eating. The extraction of wisdom teeth is made easier by conscious sedation.

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