Make and Place Crowns in a Single Appointment

Thanks to the revolutionary CEREC computer-aided design and manufacturing system, the professionals at Dr. Gallant’s dental clinic are able to create and place a crown in a single appointment.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is an ultra-modern technology that uses biomimetic ceramic materials assembled by bonding to dental surfaces in order to preserve the vitality of treated teeth. CEREC is the acronym for Ceramic Reconstruction, a computer-assisted restoration method using a ceramic block.


CEREC gives you the advantage of crown placement in a single appointment, which saves you time and money. Opt for CEREC and have a crown placed in a single appointment, and get the relief you need.

Unlike traditional crown treatments, CEREC crowns require only one anesthetic for complete treatment.

Single-appointment dental crowns offer many benefits, including:

  • Improved tooth appearance
  • Up to 98% of the original tooth can be saved
  • No frustrating temporary crowns to worry about

Manufacturing Process

  • 1.     The dentist will treat and prepare the defective tooth.
  • 2.     An optical impression is made using CEREC.
  • 3.     The ceramic restoration, made with CEREC 3D, is cemented to the prepared tooth.

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