Rediscover Your Smile with Dental Restorations

If you want to regain your self-confidence, dental restorations may be the ideal solution for you. They restore the function of a damaged tooth, improve aesthetics, and provide reinforcement.

What is Dental Restoration?

Dental restoration corrects defects caused by decay, damage, or misaligned teeth. It also serves to improve or reinforce a damaged or worn tooth and to improve the appearance of teeth.

Restorations can be done using different techniques and materials, including composite resins, porcelain, ceramics, and much more.


Composites are white-coloured materials that can restore teeth cosmetically. The composite is used to replace defective or lost restorations, and to restore a part of the tooth destroyed by decay. It resists fracture and wear, and can last for several years. Unlike gray fillings made of amalgam, these are sealed with an adhesive.

Composite fillings are typically used in the anterior and posterior teeth, and are available in several shades that will blend in completely with your natural teeth.

A fluid version of this material is used as a sealant to prevent the development of cavities in the wells and cracks that are on top of molars. The sealant can be used both for children and adults.

Ceramics and Porcelain

Dental veneers and Crowns are common restorations using ceramic and porcelain. They work to improve the aesthetics and function of teeth. Thanks to CEREC technology, veneers and crowns can be made and placed in a single appointment.

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