Treat Uneven or Unideal Gums at Your Local Dental Clinic

When you think about the phrase “cosmetic dentistry,” you undoubtedly imagine procedures that improve the aesthetic quality of your teeth—restorations, veneers, Invisalign, et cetera. But have you ever associated the phrase with a procedure for the gums? Healthy gums are an integral part of a healthy mouth, and aesthetically pleasing gums are equally important to a great smile. If your gum line—where the visible tooth ends and the fleshy tissue begins—is too high or too low, you can visit your local dental clinic for a gum contouring procedure.

Not Just Aesthetic

Technically speaking, gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure. However, it can be used as a medical procedure in certain instances. For example, gum recession, which can expose the root of the tooth and increase the risk of tooth decay and loss, can often be treated with this procedure. Overly long gums, which can be a symptom of a health problem or a medication prescription, can also be considered grounds for this procedure as a health measure under the right circumstances. It can also be performed as part of a larger periodontal procedure.

Even as a cosmetic dentistry procedure, gum contouring is not without its benefits. Many people may feel self-conscious if they have asymmetrical gums, or feel that their teeth are far too short or long in appearance. If you feel that your confidence would be improved by a more even gum line, there’s nothing to lose in contacting your dental clinic for more information or to discuss options.

The Procedure

Gum contouring used to be performed exclusively by scalpel. However, this method was often found inconvenient, as recovery would be painful, and there would be significant bleeding in the surgery area. Many dentists today use diode lasers to make surgical incisions during the procedure. This comes with many benefits, not least of which is that the laser cauterizes the incisions as it makes them, reducing the bleeding instantly. The dentist or periodontist will use this tool to sculpt an even, scalloped gum line that is more ideal for the patient aesthetically and, if necessary, medically.


If you’ve just come back from the dental clinic where you’ve had gum contouring done, you can expect to experience a bit of swelling and soreness in your gums for up to a week after the procedure. In most cases this should not interfere too much with simple tasks like speaking or eating, but you will want to be careful about your diet. During recovery, stick to very soft foods, and keep away from anything spicy or full of seeds. Stick to these tips, and you should recover from this cosmetic dentistry procedure without any problem!