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A Beautiful Smile Can Change Your Life

A Beautiful Smile Can Change Your Life

When we smile, we bring the world closer to us. We invite others to embrace our presence as we show them that we will be warmly receptive. A smile shows our warmth, health and confidence. A beautiful smile never goes out of style. A beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile can change your life and make an impact on the world around you! Shy to smile? Dreamed of a perfect movie-star radiant smile? Maybe you have always felt self-conscious by your crooked or stained teeth, or experienced an injury, permanent loss or chip to your teeth or deterioration due to age or gum disease. If so, an improved smile is one of the easiest cosmetic enhancements possible. If you currently are not happy with your smile due to: gaps, chips, stains, crooked or irregular teeth, misaligned or uneven gums, then a visit to your dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry is all it takes to change your life! People are surprised to learn how easy improving their smile can be. Sometimes a simple fill of a gap or redefinition of a “gummy” gum line will make a big impact. An invisible orthodontic straightening device can realign teeth and a veneer can add lost luster and symmetry. Today it is possible to simulate your new smile with GPS Technology. Patients can visualize the magical and magnetic potential of their smile, as new technology intelligently assesses a 2-dimensional image and prepares the teeth for a laboratory 3-dimensional wax-up of their ideal smile. Precisely, the alignment of your teeth and gums will be measured to a fraction of a millimeter with the technology of an M- Ruler. Final crowns, veneers, bridges or any removable appliances may be produced in a lab. It’s revolutionary! Modern cosmetic dentistry is both exciting and stress-free. Today there is little guessing in cosmetic dentistry. The aesthetic results are predictable and easily produced and reproduced. One or even two sessions with your dentist can produce spectacular results. You will take these results with you into your daily life. Your subtle or major enhancement will make a gracious impact on your appearance. You will be proud of your glowing smile, introduce yourself to others with new confidence and look fantastic in photographs. Ask your dentist to see a portfolio of their current before and after pictures, with some of the fantastic results of their many satisfied clients. Patients are surprised how easy the process is. Both the dentist and patient feel elated by the results of cosmetic dentistry! Now that’s another reason to smile!

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